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FinnRef GNSS stations

The FinnRef network is the national first order CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) network defining the first order (E1) of the national ETRS89 realisation (EUREF-FIN). The FinnRef was established in 1990’s and it was modernised and densified to 20 stations in 2012–2014, and further to roughly 50 stations in 2017–2018. The FinnRef network has a key role in maintaining the EUREF-FIN. Part of the stations belong to the global IGS network and to European wide EPN network creating the connection to the international reference frames.

The E1 coordinates of the FinnRef stations are available here, and the data is available through the RINEX download service. The E1 coordinates were published on 1.2.2021.

Finnref stations
FinnRef stations: the green stations are part of the EPN network.