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Open Organizational Culture

The openness of the organizational culture is recognised as a key target for development in openness at the NLS. The openness of the National Land Survey of Finland’s organizational culture is promoted with active communication, through close collaboration with companies in research activities, by taking responsibility into account in the assessment and recruitment processes of researchers and with research projects promoting citizen science.

The National Land Survey of Finland recognises the role of citizen science in its research operations, and the NLS also has some positive experiences with collecting citizens’ observations and including the citizens in collecting data with social importance (such as the Osoitehaavi, Karttakerttu and Pyykkijahti projects). The role of citizen science is recognised as important at the National Land Survey of Finland, and the goal of the NLS is to further increase the competence of its personnel in promoting citizen science projects. The same research support services relating to funding applications, data management, publication and communications planning are provided to citizen science projects as for all other projects. 

The NLS collaborates with private companies in different research and development projects whose results are directly used to make production more effective and/or develop new products and services. In fact, companies are central partners in the NLS’s research and development activities. NLS research projects carried out in collaboration with companies comply with the national recommendation, and openness is promoted to the extent possible.