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Open Publishing

Open access to scientific information and different research outputs such as publications and research data improves the quality of science, supports democratic decision making, increases the understanding of citizens, and benefits business. Open access scientific publications create more visibility and impact for our research.

In accordance with the National Land Survey of Finland’s Open Science Policy:

  • We publish our scientific publications as high-quality Open Access publications with CC licences whenever possible.
  • We favour the open access models recommended by Plan S in our publishing processes. 
  • We self-archive especially the publisher’s versions of scientific articles to the NLS’s Helda publication repository

In recent years, about 80 per cent of the National Land Survey of Finland’s peer-reviewed publications have been published as open access publications. Up-to-date information about the publications of the NLS can be found via the service

Open repository Helda and self-archiving

The self-archival versions of research publications and the publications of the National Land Survey’s own serial publications are both archived in the National Land Survey’s open repository MML Helda. The purpose of the open repository is to increase the visibility, use and impact of the National Land Survey of Finland’s research publications and professional publications. In the open repository, the publications are given persistent identifiers and long-term storage service. 

Helda open repository of the National Land Survey