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Statements and consulting assistance

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute gives, upon request, statements and consulting assistance concerning its field of research and expertise. In addition, the institute performs research projects, gravity measurements and the calibration of geodetic instruments based on orders that are related to its field of research and expertise.

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Positioning service

The NLS FINPOS-positioning service is a nationwide service that improves the accuracy of satellite based positioning. The Service is based on the National Land Survey's permanent GNSS reference stations (among other things FinnRef network) that enable modelling and correcting observation errors affecting the satellite based GNSS observations. All services and data are free of charge.

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E2 computation service

The E2-computation service relates to the JHS184 recommendation of the public administration: “Benchmark measurement in the EUREF-FIN coordinate system” (in Finnish).  The recommendation gives instructions and requirements for classifying permanent GNSS reference stations in EUREF-FIN. The Geospatial Research Institute defines official EUREF-FIN coordinates for all E2-class reference stations in the E2 computation service.

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Remote sensing services

  • radiometric correction consultation
  • geometric correction/Image matching consultation
  • data processing/feature extracting consultation
  • application development for custom-specified applications
  • RS demos for future geospatial infrastructure

Coordinate transformation service

The coordinate transformation service makes it possible to move coordinates from one coordinate reference system to another. The service supports coordinate reference systems used nationally in Finland.

In addition, the service offers the possibility to download material concerning coordinate transformations, like geoid models. Downloading the material is free of charge, but you must first register for the service. Without being registered, you can only perform coordinate transformations.

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National reference systems

  • Coordinate systems
  • Height systems
  • Gravity systems

National standards laboratory of

  • Length
  • Acceleration of free fall

Calibration services

  • Calibration of precise levelling rods and systems
  • Nummela Standard Baseline for calibrating Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) instruments
  • Masala-Vihti calibration line for relative gravimeters
  • Photogrammetric test field for evaluating the quality of aerial images

Crustal deformations

  • Nuclear power stations
  • Postglacial rebound

National standards and recommendations

Standardisation is the basis for the interoperability of geospatial information systems. The use of international geodata standards in Finland is being guided by means of the national Public Administration Recommendations (JHS).

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Business Advisory Service

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute's Business Advisory Service provides guidance and advice on geospatial data and technology to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises. Advice is offered on issues such as promoting business development projects, developing collaborative projects and raising finance. The aim of the advice is to help businesses succeed through the use of geospatial data and technology. It can also help businesses find new business opportunities and increase their profitability. The Business Advisory Service is free of charge and confidential.

Customers using the Business Advisory Service complete a short initial questionnaire to assess the digital maturity of their business. Once completed, the company is referred to a team of experts for advice.

FGI's business services are provided by the Location Innovation Hub, one of Finland's four digitalisation hubs.

If you are interested in receiving a business service, please fill in the form and we will contact you. You can also contact our account managers directly.