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The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) is a research and expert institute that carries out research and development for spatial data infrastructures.


  • provide a scientific basis for Finnish maps, geospatial information and positioning
  • carry out research and development on methods for the measurements, data acquisition, processing and exploiting of geospatial information
  • co-operate with industry, universities and governmental organisations nationally and internationally.

Core tasks

Our core tasks are the following:

  • To carry out scientific research in geodesy, positioning, navigation, cartography, geographic information sciences, photogrammetry and remote sensing;
  • To ensure geodetic, photogrammetric and spatial data metrology;
  • To do nationwide geodetic base measurements and connect them to international systems;
  • To develop spatial data collection technologies and equipment in geodesy, positioning and remote sensing;
  • To promote methods and equipment in the area of spatial data;
  • To monitor developments in the research field and participate in international cooperation;
  • To publish information on its findings and promote their application;
  • To provide opinions in the area of expertise and to make necessary proposals.


Our departments are:

The research topics are currently organised in research groups.

The FGI's departments and their research groups.

The Code of Conduct

FGI has a code of conduct which concentrates on well-being and the work community. Code of conduct regarding research integrity is defined separately.  

The Code of Conduct