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The Research Policy

In the National Land Survey's Research Policy, approved on 14 June 2017, the general focus areas and principles of the National Land Survey's research and its support functions are described for the next three-year period.

The key development areas concerning research at NLS for the period 2017–2019 are:

  • Strengthening visibility in and impact on society
  • Improving the quality of research
  • Increasing the share and quality of EU-funded research projects
  • Launching research on land administration and management, property law and real estate economics as part of the scientific research to be conducted at NLS
  • Maintaining NLS research fields that have been successful in gaining research funding and investing in key strategic research fields
  • Ensuring that research and science are open and ethical
  • Effectively utilising the NLS's multidisiplinary expertise in spatial data technology in research and development  
  • Promoting the career paths and international mobility of research personnel

The National Land Survey's Research Policy provides the common goals of the NLS's research operations. The FGI research strategy is focused on the core operative strategies of research.