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Elevation zones

Elevation zones is a raster dataset that visualises elevation of the terrain. The product covers the whole of Finland. There are four product versions available in which the pixel sizes are 32, 64, 128 and 512 metres. The dataset does not contain elevation values; it is a colour image that visualises the height of the terrain above sea level as zones. The product Elevation zones is available as a version that covers the whole country and as versions that cover a certain area.

The product belongs to the open data of the National Land Survey of Finland. More information: Topographic data and how to acquire it


The dataset Elevation zones can be used as a background map material to visualise the topography of the terrain (height above sea level).

Geographic location
Entire Finland
Responsible party

National Land Survey of Finland

Pixel size
32 m
64 m
128 m
512 m
Spatial representation
Portrayal catalogue citation

The portrayal catalogue of Elevation zones is available at (in Finnish):

Data content

Versions of the dataset Elevation zones:

Elevation zone pixel size 32 m

Elevation zone pixel size 64 m

Elevation zone pixel size 128 m

Elevation zone pixel size 512 m


Elevation zones is produced from Elevation model 10 m

The rasters have been updated as a whole in October 2015.

Areally limited and occasional updates are made in the dataset in connection with the regular maintenance procedures of the Topographical database as there are changes in Elevation model 10 m.


The reference dataset Elevation model 10 m is the most accurate elevation model of Finland that covers the whole of the country.

In pixel sizes from 32 metres to 128 metres the elevation of the terrain is divided into 30 elevation classes and in pixel size 512 metres into 16 classes.

The product does not meet the specifications.

National Land Survey of Finland

Conditions applying to access and use

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Limitations on access

no limitations to public access

Reference system
ETRS89 / TM35FIN(E,N) (EPSG:3067)
N2000 height (EPSG:3900)
Distribution format

Korkeusvyöhykerasteriaineiston käsittelymaksut

Aineistosta ei peritä käyttöoikeusmaksuja. Tiedostolatauspalvelusta itsepalveluna aineistoja ladattaessa ei peritä myöskään tietoväline-, käsittely- eikä toimituskuluja.

Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Korkeusvyöhykerasteri 1. karttalehti
92,02 114,10
Korkeusvyöhykerasteri 1. karttalehti /pikselikoko 512 m
57,74 71,60
Korkeusvyöhykerasteri seuraavat karttalehdet
15,73 19,51
Korkeusvyöhykerasteri koko Suomi (pikseli 32 m)
315,00 390,60
Korkeusvyöhykerasteri koko Suomi (pikseli 64 m)
167,98 208,30
Korkeusvyöhykerasteri koko Suomi (pikseli 124-512 m)
92,02 114,10
Not based on a decree