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Transfer of a leasehold

Registering the transfer of a leasehold ensures the leaseholder's rights to the leasehold.

As attachment to the application, you need the deed of the sale with which the leasehold has been resold. You can send the documents by post or deliver them to one of the National Land Survey's customer service points. We will return them without delay.

How to apply for registration of transfer of a leasehold

The best way to apply for registration depends on your situation: 

  1. It is possible to sell or purchase a leasehold online in the Property Transaction Service. The application is initiated automatically.
  2. You can apply for registration by yourself in the National Land Survey's e-service.

    - individual customers in Finnish and in in Swedish
    - organisational customers in Finnish and in in Swedish

    Start by identifying the leasehold’s facility identifier (e.g. 837-121-391-2-L1). Select ‘Kaikki kiinteistöt’ (All properties) and use the facility identifier to search for the leasehold’s information. Click ‘Rekisteröi vuokraoikeus’ (Register leasehold) and fill in the application.

    Those persons who have been registered in the Trade Register as authorised to sign on behalf of the organisation can log in to the service.

    Registration of leasehold or other special right is paid in the NLS e-service when you submit the application.

  3. Your agent (such as your bank) can apply on your behalf.
  4. If you are unable to use our online services, you can also apply for transfer of a leasehold with our online pdf form in Finnish or in Swedish at

It is mandatory to apply for the registration of a transfer of a leasehold within six months of the signing of the purchase deed.

Transfer tax

When you purchase a leasehold, fill in the transfer tax report and pay the tax in the MyTax service of the Tax Administration before you apply for registration of transfer of a leasehold. You do not need to attach your receipts of payment to the application, because the Tax Administration will inform the National Land Survey that the tax has been paid. More information (

Processing time

See the average processing times of applications and surveying services on the Application processing times page.

Request for additional information

If necessary, the person who processes your application will ask you to provide additional information for the application. You can provide additional information via the National Land Survey e-service (in Finnish). Send the original documents to the National Land Survey by post. We will return them without delay.

Real property lease right and restrictions on the right of possession

Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Registration of a special right (Code of Real Estate, s 14(2))
161,00 No VAT
Transfer of a special right (Code of Real Estate, s 14(2))
161,00 No VAT
Registration or transfer of other special right (pension right, logging right, other right)
161,00 No VAT
Alteration of a special right
112,00 No VAT
Clarification of the registration of a special right
112,00 No VAT
Termination of a special right
112,00 No VAT
Change of order of precedence
44,00 No VAT