Who owns this property unit?

Sometimes it is necessary to find out the information related to the owner of a property. You can order a specification of ownership from our customer service. The specification of ownership contains information about the property identifier, the name of the property and the property owner's name and address. Specifications of ownership carry a charge.

To find out who owns a property, you must know its property identifier.

When you know the property identifier, you can:

  • Order a certificate of title, which carries a charge.
  • By phone, it is possible to request ownership information about a maximum of ten properties without charge during a twelve-month period. Please note: Our telephone service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.
  • Request property information about several property units by e-mail for a fee.

Please note that we do not provide property ownership information

  • for use in direct marketing or opinion polls or market surveys or
  • to enable contacting a property owner for the purpose of purchasing the property