oGIIR – Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research

oGIIR – Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research


The goal of the oGIIR project is to create a research infrastructure based on a user-centred approach and open access that will enhance the use of geospatial data, methods, and tools in research. Members of the oGIIR Consortium include several research institutes and universities. oGIIR is coordinated by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), National Land Survey of Finland (NLS).


Following the one stop shop principle, the project has created the Geoportti website, which brings together a significant part of the infrastructure’s services in one place. The website offers a broad selection of information on open-access spatial data and the available training, as well as a number of tools and related guides and instructions needed for the processing and analysis of spatial data. It is of international significance that the oGIIR project has created a system that offers spatial data researchers and specialists the tools they need through a single platform.


Supporting research that is based on geospatial data and the broad-scale adoption of high-performance computing methods are specific goals of the project. In addition, promoting collaboration between specialists in the geospatial data field through a shared platform is an important part of the project.


The project is particularly noteworthy for the broad collaboration between different research institutes and universities. The collaboration emphasises the significance of geospatial data-related research cooperation and information exchange, which the project serves. One of the goals of the project is to extend the utilisation of geospatial data increasingly to other fields of research as well.


The Geoportti service, open for all users of geospatial data


The Geoportti.fi website was launched to achieve the goals of the oGIIR project. It is an open portal for all researchers, students and teachers who use geospatial data. Geoportti offers its users, among other things, geospatial materials, training in geoinformatics and a platform for information sharing. The unique virtual research infrastructure is formed from spatial data materials, organisation-specific service interfaces, a national spatial data infrastructure and a well-functioning network of researchers. The Geoportti.fi website was opened to users in the spring of 2019.


Geoportti offers a route that makes it easy for researchers to access the computing services of CSC IT Center for Science Ltd, the material and metadata services of the spatial data infrastructures and the training materials created in the oGIIR project. Enabling the use of computing resources across the borders of research institutes has become one of the most important goals achieved by the project.


Materials and tools


Information and instructions of CSC’s powerful computing services can be found through the Geoportti.fi website. The use of CSC resources only requires a licence and mentioning the project along with the scientific results produced.


A central achievement of the project is increasing the user-friendliness of country-wide national spatial data sets and making the work of researchers easier. The oGIIR project has transferred the materials of CSC’s Paituli service and a large number of refined spatial data infrastructure materials to CSC’s Taito supercluster ready for use.


In addition to the geospatial data sets, the Taito supercomputing environment also includes pre-installed the most common processing and analysis tools for spatial data, such as GDAL/OGR, GRASS, GIS, PDAL, Proj., GQIS, SagaGIS, SNAP, TauDEM and Zonation, as well as R and Python expanded with general spatial libraries.


The GeoCubes Finland concept and the geospatial data archive


One part of the research infrastructure is the GeoCubes Finland concept, created by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI. GeoCubes Finland is a multi-resolution geospatial raster data archive. The concept pilots the management, analysis and visualisation of spatial data materials by means of data cubes, including several national materials, as well as service and application demonstrations for the use of the data. The GeoCubes Finland data is freely available both directly through the interfaces and as downloadable GeoTIFF or VRT files.


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