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Demos in virtual environment

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Tapiola 3D-model for pedestrian navigation

Tapiola-center in Espoo was selected as a test case for 3D-city modelling for pedestrian navigation using mobile phones. Data for building reconstruction was collected with ROAMER, and the texture for the created 3D-model was acquired from terrestrial and airborne images. Several automatic algorithms were developed in the project, for example filtering of point clouds, building facade extraction and model compression.

A video of the model can be seen in Youtube.

Model can be downloaded for Android-platforms at Google Play:

Point cloud data was collected using ROAMER system.

Example of original 3D point cloud data. Number of points is reduced for better illustration.


In an ongoing Academy of Finland project 3DGIS, 'Economy and technology of a global peer produced 3D geographical information system in built environment', the objective is to study how an alternative peer produced (user-generated, community-created) economy could be build to complement the current ones, develop new novel approaches for peer-produced 3D modelling in built environment and encourage the creation of new ubiquitous 3D mapping, services and applications by small innovative groups, not bound by the corporate or public systems, but allowing their integration.

3D mapping in the future...