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Mirjam Bilker-Koivula has been appointed Professor of Practice at Aalto University

The gravity expert brings her expertise and cooperation network to Aalto's students.

Mirjam Bilker-Koivula

Mirjam Bilker-Koivula (b. 1973), D.Sc., has been appointed Professor of Practice at Aalto University School of Engineering for a five-year term from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2027. The field of the professorship is geodetic applications in geoinformatics. The position is located in the Department of Built Environment, Geoinformatics Research Group.

Bilker-Koivula will continue in her main job as Research Group Manager of the gravity research group of the National Land Survey. The group is studying the gravitational field of the Earth and its changes in time due to different geophysical phenomena. She has more than 20 years of practical experience in geodetic surveys and their national and international applications.

’Understanding, managing and applying earth-related measurement data is increasingly important in a digital society. Mirjam Bilker-Koivula brings to our students her valuable experience in geodesy as well as connections to research in the field and the industry utilising geospatial information,’ says Gary Marquis, Dean of the School of Engineering.

'Geodesy is everywhere and its applications can be found in many places in society. Geodetic tools also play an important role in monitoring climate change. Geodesy is a fascinating field of science and I hope that through teaching I can pass on my enthusiasm to students about the subject', says Mirjam Bilker-Koivula.

Bilker-Koivula studied geodesy at Delft University of Technology and defended her dissertation at Aalto University in 2021 on Geoid and postglacial rebound related gravity change in Finland. The dissertation examined factors that affect the uncertainty of coordinates measured by satellite positioning (GNSS), especially altitudes, in Finland.

She has worked for the National Land Survey since 1997 and has been head of the National Standards Laboratory of Acceleration of Free-Fall since 2014. At Aalto University, she has supervised diploma theses and dissertations and served as a visiting lecturer. She has an extensive international co-operation network and is active in working groups of the International Association of Geodesy and the Nordic Geodetic Commission, among others.

Bilker-Koivula has authored over 30 peer-reviewed publications and is a reviewer of manuscripts in several international scientific publications in the field, including the Journal of Geodesy and Marine Geodesy.

Professor of practice positions are fixed in term and part-time in nature, intended to bring in leaders and experts from companies or the public sector to act as developers and bridge builders between the university and relevant industries. The job profile is weighted toward teaching.


Mirjam Bilker-Koivula (from 1.9.2022)

Aalto University, School of Engineering, Department of Built Environment

Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI)

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