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Data Balance Sheet: Residential and Commercial Property Information System highlighted in the 2023 figures – there´s also a reference to the Eurovision Song Contest

The National Land Survey of Finland’s (NLS) Data Balance Sheet 2023 has been published. It describes the practices and principles applied to the responsible processing of data and presents the NLS’s data resources and related annual key figures.

Korkeita kerrostaloja auringonlaskussa
Riku Nikkilä

The deadline set for the transfer of housing companies to the Residential and Commercial Property Information System was especially highlighted in last year’s figures. Housing companies established before 2019 had to transfer their list of shares to the Residential and Commercial Property Information System by the end of 2023. In 2024, such transfers became subject to a separate charge. The transfer rate increased to 92.2 per cent which exceeded the target set in the performance agreement between the NLS and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. At the beginning of 2023, only 12 per cent of the roughly 87,500 housing companies had transferred their lists of shares.

The number of visits to customer service more than doubled in 2023 from the previous year because apartment owners brought their original share certificates to service points to have their share ownership registered in the electronic register of housing company shares.

The Eurovision Song Contest mentioned through place names

The NLS is responsible for the management and maintenance of a broad range of property, apartment, map, geospatial and research data. The Data Balance Sheet describes these datasets in more detail and presents their use and significance in society.

The Data Balance sheet has been written using generally understandable language, and it is intended for the NLS’s customers, stakeholders and employees alike. It is part of the NLS’s document publicity description which fulfils the openness principle and helps customers place data requests. In addition, it supports the obligation to demonstrate compliance as set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In other words, the NLS demonstrates that it complies with the GDPR’s principles in the processing of personal data.

Did you know that the NLS is responsible for maintaining data about places that have been named and place names across Finland in cooperation with the Institute for the Languages of Finland and the University of Oulu? Through place names linked to Käärijä, the Data Balance Sheet also includes a reference to the European Song Contest.

Read The National Land Survey of Finland’s Data Balance Sheet


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