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The NLS ensures a stable society and secures the future – the organisation updated its strategy

Here at the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS), we updated our strategy and presented it recently to our key stakeholders. We want to do our part to ensure a stable society. Our vision guides us: We know the Earth – we secure the future.

Pasi Patrikainen

The NLS is a surprisingly large-scale organisation. Our activities range from coordinates to geospatial data, as well as from property and apartment ownership information to monitoring the impact of the position of the Earth and gravity. We can safely say that we know the Earth and its movements.

We keep a close eye on our extensive data resources, including property and apartment information systems. We ensure that our systems are compatible with the data of other organisations, and thereby enable data-based decision making and a well-functioning society.

Our operations are based on our strategic goals and competence areas

We selected the following strategic goals:

  1. We ensure a stable society
  2. We anticipate our customers’ needs
  3. We exert active influence through research and data
  4. We are an attractive and sustainable workplace
  5. We are reforming our modes of operation

With regard to our research, we also updated the research strategy of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI). We seek to respond even better to global challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss. We defined our competence areas relative to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and our vision is to conduct innovative research for a more sustainable future.

Our research goals:

  1. We conduct the best geospatial research in the world for society
  2. Our innovative technological solutions improve development and wellbeing in society
  3. We produce coordinates for a better future

We are currently planning a map and concrete steps to achieve these goals. With our partners, we want to identify the most effective areas of cooperation, ensure a stable society and secure the future.

Pasi Patrikainen

The author is the Director-General of the National Land Survey of Finland.

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