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Elevation model 10 m

Elevation model 10 m depicts the elevation of the ground surface of the whole of Finland in relation to sea level. Its grid size is 10 m x 10 m and the accuracy of elevation data 1.4 metres.

The product belongs to the open data of the National Land Survey of Finland. More information: Topographic data and how to acquire it


The elevation model allows for example simulation of receiving, coverage and service areas. It can also be used for mass calculation of excavated material and landfill and for calculating inclinations, steepness or profiles. Application areas are found, for example in geology, geography and forestry.

Geographic location
Entire Finland
Responsible party

National Land Survey of Finland

Pixel size
10 m
Spatial representation
Text or table

Elevation model 10 m depicts the height of the terrain above sea level. The height values are in accordance with the system N2000. Elevation model 10 m is the most accurate elevation model of Finland that covers the whole of the country.

The elevation accuracy of the product is 1.4 m on average (1.4 m in 95% of the cases and 2 m in 99% of the cases). In the ASCII version the elevation data is expressed in metres (three decimals, e.g. 42.604) and in the GeoTiff version as float values in metres (only the first three decimals are significant). In both versions, objects below sea level have a negative value.

Elevation model 10 m has been derived from Elevation model 2 m in those areas covered by the 2 m model. In other areas, Elevation model 10 m has been produced of contour lines made more accurate in connection with the regular maintenance procedures of the Topographical database, of ground surface points digitised in a stereo workstation environment and of all the objects in the Topographical database with a z-coordinate. In these areas, the elevation accuracy of the product is 1.4m on average (1.4 m in 95% of the cases and 2 m in 99% of the cases). In areas derived from the 2 m model the locational elevation accuracy and details are considerably better.

The product meets the specifications.

National Land Survey of Finland

Conditions applying to access and use

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Limitations on access

no limitations to public access

Reference system
ETRS89 / TM35FIN(E,N) (EPSG:3067)
N2000 height (EPSG:3900)
Distribution format
Ascii grid

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Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Korkeusmalli 2m ja 10m ensimmäinen lehti
92,02 114,10
Korkeusmalli 2m ja 10m seuraavat lehdet
15,73 19,51
Korkeusmalli 2m koko Suomi
1575,00 1 953,00
Korkeusmalli 10m koko Suomi
787,50 976,50
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