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3D Personal Navigation and LBS for the Shanghai Exposition in 2010 (3D-NAVI-EXPO)

The project 3D Personal Navigation and LBS for the Shanghai Exposition in 2010 (3D-NAVI-EXPO) is an international collaboration project funded by Tekes, the Finnish Geodetic Institute and private companies Nokia Ltd., Fastrax Ltd. and TerraSolid Ltd. The project belongs to the list of sino-finnish scientific and technical cooperation projects. The project was started 1.10.2007, and it will end according to the project plan in 31.10.2010.

The Department of Navigation and Positioning is responsible for the following project subtasks:

  • Project management
  • 3D Personal Navigation and Location Based Service -software development for Nokia mobile phones
  • Development of the project pseudolite system
  • Hardware design of a multi-sensor positioning platform
  • Software design of the multi-sensor positioning solution

The project implementation consists of the following phases:

  • User requirements and analysis of methodology
  • System design
  • System implementation
  • System testing
3D modeling
personal navigation
Navigation and Positioning
Funding organisation or partners
Other funding sources
Tampere University of Technology, Nokia Ltd, Fastrax Ltd, TerraSolid Ltd
Project partners
Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping (CASM), Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP)