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Development of a Mobile Public Precise Positioning Service Based on the National GNSS Network (P3-Service)

The goal of this project is to develop a public mobile precise positioning service for consumer-grade receivers. Affordable consumer devices can currently provide positioning accuracy of 5-10 meters. Utilizing the GNSS data provided by FinnRef and its error models, the location accuracy is improved to 2 meters. However, for i.e. intelligent transport system positioning, two meters is typically not accurate enough. In this project, we develop new algorithms that can provide 0.5 meter accuracy, which is already sufficient for e.g. lane detection. These new algorithms will utilize the openly available FinnRef data as well as carrier phase measurements of consumer devices that are typically only used in professional surveying-grade devices. The algorithms are to be developed for smartphone platforms. The outcomes of the project will offer the Finnish industry and society a unique consumer-level precise point positioning service providing ten times higher accuracy than currently possible.

The national FinnRef network of permanent GNSS stations maintained by FGI is being renewed in 2012-2013. The measurements provided by FinnRef can be used for precise positioning due to the error modelling the stations enable of satellite clocks, orbits as well as atmospheric errors. In 2014, the measurement information provided by FinnRef will be openly available for whole Finland. There will be significant savings especially for professional users due to the free access to FinnRef information, but there is a great potential to utilize the network data for more accurate consumer-level positioning.

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