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Electromagnetic scattering

Electromagnetic scattering

Large part of the information from local environment to distant planets is received by measuring and analyzing the scattered light, i.e. by remote sensing. Our mission is to understand better the scattering process, and from this create more advanced analysis tools and observation techniques.

The goals of our research group:

  • Upgrade our scattering instruments to measure full Muller scattering matrix in full angular range including backward and forward scattering, for cm sized targets.
  • Measure scattering properties of various particulate media and single particles.
  • Develop physical reflectance models based on measurements and physical theories (Maxwell equations, ray-optics, radiative transfer).
  • Innovate new remote sensing techniques for Earth and planets, using small UAVs with various advanced cameras and sensors measuring specifically tailored physical signals for most optimum products.

Get our measurement results at ask us for a password.