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GNSS Recorder for Anti Spoofing

Tracking and tracing of goods and people by GNSS measurements is well adopted in the market. However, the publicly available GNSS signals and measurements can be compromised relatively easily by malicious parties (e.g. by spoofing or interference).

The GALILEO Public Regulated Service (PRS) provides position and timing restricted to government-authorized users, for sensitive applications which require a high level of service continuity. It will be encrypted and designed to be more robust, with anti-jamming mechanisms and reliable problem detection. The PRS service is intended for security and strategic infrastructure (e.g. energy, telecommunications and finance).

The target of the GRAS concept is to utilized the Galileo PRS signal to provide the user with a robust and reliable solution that can qualify as legal evidence for position or track records.

Short samples (snapshots) of the complete GNSS spectrum (including both public and PRS Signals in Space) are recorded for off-line processing. In a central (secure) server it is then possible to apply classified PRS knowledge and processing techniques in an off-line mode. The snapshot spectrum samples are then used either to authenticate measurements from the publicly available signals or to derive a PRS based position solution. Since the processing is done in off-line mode also other than government-authorized users can benefit from the service.

The ultimate aim is a technical demonstration performed as a field trial with a real Signal in Space and built on the most viable business case example, i.e. customs clearance in the maritime community.


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CGI Nederland B.V., The Netherlands’ National Aerospace Laboratory, Folkline Enterprises B.V.