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GNSS signal quality monitoring in Finland (FinSig)

FinSig (Global Navigation Satellite System signal quality monitoring in Finland) will use the Finnish National GNSS network ‘FinnRef’ in first-hand monitoring of the status of GNSS signal quality over Finland. A prototype information infrastructure will be developed for interference monitoring capability based on recorded FinnRef data, in order to offer near real-time information of the perceived GNSS signal quality in Finland. A web-based user interface will also be developed in order to present this information to the users. The FinSig -project will help to improve the credibility and reliability to the service. When implemented, the service can offer near real-time updates about the GNSS status and historical trends. 

A service architecture design will be developed and demonstrated, including a list of hardware, software, inter-modular communication, and system integration needs. This will be followed by the development and deployment of the Initial Operational Capability (IOC) of GNSS monitoring service. The performance will be monitored with the real data from the FinnRef stations.

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