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GSDIG project logoThe Geospatial Statistical Data Integration Service, GSDIG, will address frequent needs to integrate and aggregate spatially located unit data from different sources and with statistical background information.

GSDIG is an indexing-based process to integrate statistical data from any domain in areal subdivisions; grids, standard or user modified geographies. It enables reusing location data of/for the original unit record data - usually buildings or cadastral parcels - and geographies from SDI using persistent identifiers (or address matching as extension) which provides an integrated geocoding system and data supply with further aggregation capabilities. 

A metadata-driven application for statistical data exploration will pilot the use of additional metadata concerning statistical and spatial data in automating and enhancing the user experience. The eventual goal is to elaborate a multilateral (multisource) geospatial-statistical ecosystem to increase the impact of geospatial and statistical information in decision making.

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