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ICT Lidar

When there are 100 M autonomous cars around (yearly production of cars), autonomous systems of these cars consume alone 25% of the world total electricity production. In addition to energy needs for on-board processing, autonomous cars result in an explosion of data. Autonomous cars produce 4000 to 10000 GB of data every day, which are processed - in addition to car’s own supercomputers - data centers. As driverless vehicles take to the roads, they will require low-latency wireless connections to fiber networks and data centers. Adoption of self-driving cars by just 10 percent of American drivers, at 4 terabytes of daily data per vehicle, would generate 38.4 zettabytes of data annually. Transfer and storage infrastructure required for these data amounts significantly contributes to the energy consumption of the autonomous vehicle systems in larger scale. We apply new, novel, unseen concepts to reduce energy demands of autonomous driving sensor and processing technologies.

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