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KAOS - Developing the knowledge capital in 3D city modeling in 6Aika cities

Three dimensional geoinformation and 3D city models have significant role in the paradigms of smart cities and digital twins. Finnish cities have been the global frontrunners in distributing open geospatial data but the broad applicability of 3D city modeling has been hindered by the insufficiency of application development, absence of utilization practices and the existing knowledge cap both in city organizations and in the private sector.
Project aims to develop the knowledge capital and preparedness of applying and utilizing 3D city modeling in 6Aika cities and in the private sector.

A multidisciplinary interaction group will be formed to support the project in all its stages. This group will consist of experts related to 3D city modeling in the city organizations and in selected companies.  Project will form an overview of the existing knowledge capital within the cities of Helsinki and Espoo that will be used in understanding the needs that are further used in planning and execution of the coaching.

Funding: European Social Fund


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