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The research will create continuity and coherence in the Finnish agricultural Living Lab collaboration model in arable farming, thus promoting the widespread use of data and the transition to a data economy both on farms and in organizations serving farms. Real production environments, such as farms, are essential for technological development and research to ensure that the results are also widely exploitable. Various actors have long been working together with farmers in the field of RTD, fulfilling the characteristics of a living lab. Closer cooperation is needed to address practical agricultural challenger in a multidisciplinary way, using different technologies. Developing this further will involve closer collaboration between farmers, research and extension. At the same time, the participation of farmers and the possibility to adopt new technologies will be improved. The data must also be transformed into valuable information for farm management. In this project, we will look at the whole issue from different angles: 

  1. Improving the capacity of farms to be active players as partners in technological research and to be at the forefront of adopting the benefits of new technologies into their business.
  2. Promoting the use of remote sensing and data-generating technologies on farms.
  3. Developing practices and opportunities for data transfer to support farm management.
  4. Define reference data to support data exploitation and sharing between farms and their partners.

The project will refine and implement a Living Lab collaboration model to (a) gather experience on the use of on-farm data, (b) test the suitability of technologies based on remote sensing technologies for Finnish agriculture and (c) identify good collaboration practices to consolidate cooperation between farms, extension and research. 

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Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland