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Multi-constellation augmentation based on EGNOS and Galileo simulation

Under a contract offered by the Galileo Joint Undertaking, the Finnish Geodetic Institute, Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy of the University of Nottingham, and the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping are now prototyping a multi-constellation augmentation service based on the EGNOS signal in space and Galileo simulation. The context of the project covers the prototype development of a SBAS message encoder to generate the SBAS messages for both GPS and Galileo; a simulator for simulating the Galileo-related augmentation corrections and raw measurements; an Internet broadcaster for disseminating the augmentation signals over the wireless Internet; a central processing facility for real-time estimation of the ionospheric delays, and a Pocket PC-based user terminal for demonstrating the multi-constellation augmentation service.

SBAS message
Other funding sources
Galileo Joint Undertaking
Project partners
University of Nottingham, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping