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PNT Traffic Light (PETAL)

The project PETAL (PNT Traffic Light) will focus broadly in assessing GNSS and SBAS performance at high latitudes (above 60˚ N). The project aims to investigate ways to enhance the usage of GNSS, and as a first step, it will start analyzing the current and potential new applications operating in northern high latitudes. As such, the main objective of the project is to assess the feasibility of a performance monitoring service of multi-constellation GNSS and SBAS at high latitudes targeting two main service areas:

 1. The service that is capable of informing users when a loss of performance occurs globally or regionally, or it is probable to happen in the short term.

2. The service that is envisioned to be capable of delivering assistance data with the objective of improving the expected performance of computed PNT solutions by user receivers located at high latitudes.

PNT Traffic Light could pave the way for an actual 24/7 service to users trying to navigate in northern latitudes. In addition, an EGNOS performance monitoring service would provide an opportunity to identify weaknesses in EGNOS system performance, especially at high northern latitudes enabling the possibility to provide inputs for further evolution of EGNOS.

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