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Remote sensing electronics

Remote sensing electronics.

The research group focuses their major attention on the following research aspects:

1) hardware development of lightweight scatterometer for airborne and UAV platform;

2) multi-sensor multi-network solution for ubiquitous positioning

3) hardware development of multispectral/ laser scanner

4) robot-borne laser scanning for indoor mapping and positioning

5) GNSS-based atmospheric remote sensing and space research

6) other hardware development for various remote sensing application.

The group members have multi-disciplinary backgrounds in electronics, optoelectronics, automation, surveying, remote sensing, geoinformatics and computer science.

The research group is part of the Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning (2014-2019).

New sensor technology



1-Sept-2013 New research group established.


Older news on the mobile mapping research activities can be found at the previous research group's pages: Mobile mapping