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Metrology is the science of measuring and measurement units. The Department of Geodesy and Geodynamics is a National Standards Laboratory in Finland with special expertise in length in geodesy and acceleration of free fall. The operation is statutory, and it is internationally acknowledged through the CIPM MRA agreement. A quality management system, adapted with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, guides the activities. In addition to research, the laboratory performs calibrations for clients. Related to length in geodesy, the laboratory calibrates geodetic baselines, high precision electronic distance meters (EDM), and precise levelling equipment. For acceleration of free fall, activities include calibrations of relative gravimeters and measurements of gravity points. According to metrological principles, the measurements in the laboratory are traceable to the SI measurement unit system with a known uncertainty of measurement.

The FGI has tranferred the scale of the Nummela Standard Baseline to more than 10 countries since year 2000, here to Estonia. The measurements are traceable to the definition of the metre.