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Space geodesy 2015-2017

Space geodesy

In this research group, we study various space geodetic and astronomical observing techniques covering different wavelengths: from very long baseline inteferometry (VLBI) and radar, to satellite laser ranging (SLR) and passive optical observations. In addition, the remote sensing techniques are complemented by laboratory measurements. Our research topics range from fundamental electromagnetic scattering processes and different inverse problems for both natural and artificial space objects, to quasar source structure.

Contact persons


1.1.2017 New MATINE-funded project on characterization of space debris begins

2.11.2016 Guifre Molera Calves starts as a technical expert in the VGOS project

1.9..2016 New project The Earth spherical albedo from space geodesy funded by the Academy of Finland begins

1.3.2016 New ESA-funded project on digitizing Carte du Ciel plates from the 19th century begins.

1.8.2015 Manuel Moreno-Ibanez starts as a visiting researcher

1.1.2015 New MATINE-funded project on space debris monitoring using active and passive optical observations begins

1.1.2015 New space geodesy research group is established