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Remote sensing test field.

Spectrophotogrammetry is the combination of two complementary measurement techniques:

  • Photogrammetry, which concerns determination of the 3D geometric properties of objects from photographic images.
  • Spectrometry, which refers to the measurement of radiation intensity as a function of wavelength.

The Spectrophotogrammetry group investigates the utilisation of the 3D geometry, high-resolution photogrammetric images and object reflectance signatures in various applications related to the changing earth, such as mapping, environmental monitoring, security and climate change research. Our approach is the rigorous consideration of all aspects in the data processing chain: sensor, calibration, data collection, georeferencing and radiometric correction, object and applications. Currently we are focusing the passive sensing methods, but we are also interested in fusing passive and active methods together. We are extremely interested in co-operating with different applications.

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