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Weather Monitoring Based on Collaborative Crowdsourcing TROPO

Weather Monitoring Based on Collaborative Crowdsourcing -project is done in collaboration with Airbus, France. The aim of the project is to simulate the use of thousands of smartphone GNSS receivers to determine of the amount of water vapor in troposphere. The massive amount of receivers will likely enable us to model the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions. Measuring the amount of water vapor is important. Water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas accounting for 50 to 70% of the total effect, it plays a large role in determining the weather forecasts, and it accounts for up to one fifth of the atmospheric error for GNSS measurements. In addition, the project benefits regions not well-covered by high-quality measurement instruments in terms on weather forecasting, e.g. seas and water bodies might be covered with receivers on situated on islands. More generally, the project explores crowdsourcing of geo-spatial information and how these techniques complement the existing space technologies. This is expected to create new knowledge also for future studies.


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