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New demarcation methods for cadastre data and new annual versions of orthophotos

From the MapSite, it is now possible to download Cadastral index map (vector) data using custom regional demarcations, one municipality at a time, or as a package covering entire Finland. The file format in the municipality search and free demarcation is Geopackage and GeoJSON, in the package covering entire Finland the file format is Geopackage. Moreover, the data is available by map sheets in GML and Shape formats as before.

Data that is downloaded using the new search methods has a different scheme format than GML or Shape files downloaded one map sheet at a time. Geopackage and GeoJSON files of dynamic searches follow the same scheme as the Land Information Query Service (OGC API Features).

Orthophotos from earlier years have also been made available. Available now are photos from the 21st century. 

The new methods to search cadastre data and annual versions of aerial photographs are available in the Spatial data file download service (OGC API Processes) as well. Older ortophotos are available in services Karttakuvapalvelu (WMS) and Ortokuvien ja korkeusmallien kyselypalvelu (WCS) (info only in Finnish).

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