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National Land Survey of Finland ranked among top research institutes for the third time

The National Land Survey of Finland and the Finnish Environment Institute are the top-ranked research institutes in a recent comparison published by the Academy of Finland that monitors the impact of science.

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Julia Hautojärvi

The Academy of Finland monitors the impact of science conducted at universities and research institutes in its State of Scientific Research statistics, focusing on research funding and personnel, as well as scientific publications. In the most recent statistics for 2022, the National Land Survey of Finland and the Finnish Environment Institute were jointly ranked number one among research institutes in terms of scientific impact. The comparison is based on a top 10 index, which describes the number of most cited publications as a proportion of the total number of publications. 

Measured by the top 10 index, the impact of the National Land Survey of Finland is 1.52 compared to the global average of 1.0. The most recent comparison result represents a good continuum, as the National Land Survey of Finland has been ranked number one in the comparison for three years in a row.

Geospatial data research benefits businesses

Research activities of the National Land Survey of Finland have been concentrated in the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), the research results of which are widely utilised not only by the scientific community but also by society and businesses. 

“A high impact of science is an important goal of ours, and we are delighted to have successfully achieved it. Our research on geospatial data also supports businesses and the public sector, which have access to the most recent knowledge in the field. Finnish expertise in the field of geospatial data is at the highest level, which plays a key role when creating new companies and innovation based on geospatial data,” says Professor Jarkko Koskinen, Deputy Director General of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute.

“We would like to congratulate the Finnish Environment Institute for the excellent result. The latest statistics show that Finland is producing internationally high-quality research that benefits both science and society,” Koskinen continues.

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Jarkko Koskinen, Deputy Director General, +358 50 337 2902,

See the State of Scientific Research statistics and read more on the website of the Academy of Finland.

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