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Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility

The National Land Survey Finland has published its 2021 sustainability report. The report details the sustainability measures implemented during the year and outlines our long-term sustainability development plans. In the future, the NLS’s sustainability development will be steered by the ‘Responsibility for the Earth’ sustainability programme.

Employee in a forest.
Julia Hautojärvi

‘Sustainability is an integral part of the basic duties and operations of the NLS. Our goal is to increase the handprint achieved for the good of our society and reduce the footprint caused by our operations. The new report is again more extensive and diverse than the previous one. It was also drafted by our own experts, and I wish to extend my warmest thank yous to them,’ says Maija Ilvonen, Director of Communications and Sustainability.

The NLS’s sustainability goals are divided into four themes: data to serve society, people who feel well, sustainable environment, and sustainable way of working and economic sustainability.

The sustainability programme steers the NLS’s future

The NLS’s first sustainability programme ‘Responsibility for the Earth’ was finalised at the of 2021. Experts from different NLS units took part in the drafting, and key external stakeholders were consulted during the process. With the programme, the National Land Survey of Finland promises to advance 50 acts of sustainability by 2027.

‘Sustainability is materialised in our daily activities, and best when we recognise how meaningful our own work is. To achieve our sustainability goals, we will not only work internally, but also hope for and actively request the support and vision of our customers and partners,’ says Arvo Kokkonen, Director General.

Read the sustainability report and the sustainability programme

Sustainability report 2021
‘Responsibility for the Earth’ sustainability programme

The sustainability report and the programme are available on our website in Finnish, English and Swedish (the sustainability report 2021 in Swedish to be published by 19 May 2022).

Additional information

Arvo Kokkonen, Director General, +358 40 028 0875
Maija Ilvonen, Director of Communications and Sustainability, +358 50 487 1600


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