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Research scientist Jesperi

Research scientist Jesperi.

In-car navigation equipment, map apps and various route guides on our phones have given us satellite navigation to make our daily lives easier. Jesperi's focus is on navigation and positioning, particularly in situations where satellite navigation does not work at all, such as indoors.

'Several methods of indoor navigation have been developed, but there's no system yet that covers everything, as satellite navigation does outdoors. Navigation equipment based on local area networks or Bluetooth is commonly used.

Jesperi started working at the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute of the National Land Survey in 2016, having completed his M.Sc. (Tech) degree at Aalto University, specialising in geomatics (now geoinformatics). After upper secondary school, the young man was particularly interested in geography, but also in the engineering sciences, which is how he ended up in his field.

According to Jesperi, his workdays are very diverse. A typical workday includes the analysis of measurement data from testing, reading other people's earlier research and writing various publications.

Jesperi is most motivated by the fact that he is doing an important job. Working methods of indoor navigation could be of significant assistance to, for example, emergency personnel, who often must move around in challenging conditions and in unfamiliar buildings.