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Accessibility statement: Testing environment for producers of basic spatial data

This accessibility statement applies to the website of the Testing environment for producers of basic spatial data. NLS specialists have assessed the website’s compliance with accessibility requirements. The statement was revised on 14 August 2023.

The website is not yet fully compliant with accessibility requirements

The accessibility of the website was assessed on 03/06/2021. The assessment found that the website does not yet meet all the accessibility requirements.

The accessibility issues discovered during the assessment are listed below. The findings are based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. The number and link provided after each finding indicates which WCAG section is not yet fulfilled at the website.

Significant issues in perceivability

  • Not all icons have been provided with alternative texts. WCAG 1.1.1
  • There are fields on the website that the screen reader may not be able to describe sufficiently clearly to the user, such as ungrouped selection buttons and missing field names. WCAG 1.3.1

Moderate and minor issues in perceivability

  • As a rule, sensory descriptions have been avoided in the instructions except for a couple of sections. WCAG 1.3.3
  • The website has fields for collecting user information, the purpose of which cannot be determined programmatically. WCAG 1.3.5
  • The website has some text that does not stand out enough from the background. WCAG 1.4.3, WCAG 1.4.6
  • It can be challenging for the user to change the text and background colour to their liking in some browsers. WCAG 1.4.8
  • In some places, the line spacing of the text may be too dense. WCAG 1.4.8
  • With mobile browsers, some of the content may remain hidden or overlap. WCAG 1.4.10
  • The selector switches used in the INSPIRE validation service do not stand out from the background well enough. WCAG 1.4.11
  • Field-specific help windows can be difficult to control with the mouse. WCAG 1.4.13

Significant issues in operability

  • The user cannot set the time limit for the session and the user is not warned about the termination of the session in advance. WCAG 2.2.1
  • The QualityGuard and the Data Upload Service have an automatically updated report list, the update interval of which cannot be adjusted by the user. WCAG 2.2.2, WCAG 2.2.4
  • The keyboard alignment works partially illogically in the INSPIRE validation service. For example, the button that starts the test run appears before the keyboard alignment on the page. WCAG 2.4.3

Moderate and minor issues in operability

  • If the user is filling out the form at the time of session interruption, the website will not remember the feeds after logging in again. WCAG 2.2.5
  • The top menu cannot easily be skipped with the keyboard. WCAG 2.4.1
  • Page headings do not explain the content of the page. WCAG 2.4.2
  • Some pages can be difficult to find because they can only be accessed through a single link. WCAG 2.4.5
  • Keyboard alignment is generally visible except for a few elements. WCAG 2.4.7
  • The site has links whose purpose only becomes clear from the context. WCAG 2.4.9
  • The website contains some objects activated with a mouse that are too small. WCAG 2.5.5

Significant issues in understandability

  • No language code has been defined for the INSPIRE validation service, so the screen reader may not be able to pronounce the texts correctly. The English version of the website has a lot of text in Finnish, although the language code is defined in English. WCAG 3.1.1
  • In the INSPIRE validation service, it can be difficult to perceive error situations using the screen reader alone. WCAG 3.3.1
  • The site has some elements whose labels are not accessible, such as support request attachments and list filtering and paging components. The screen reader cannot necessarily read field-specific instructions. WCAG 3.3.2

Moderate and minor issues in terms of understandability

  • The website has some links that do not notify the user in advance when opening in a new tab. WCAG 3.2.2
  • The INSPIRE validation service lacks top and bottom menus that appear elsewhere on the website. WCAG 3.2.3
  • Required fields and links opening in a new tab are not marked consistently. WCAG 3.2.4
  • If the user is browsing the report list displayed in the Quality Guard and the Data Upload Service, automatic updating of the list once a minute may interrupt the browsing. WCAG 3.2.5

Significant issues in robustness

  • Some elements of the website are not readable programmatically. These include buttons for removing attachments and filtering options, and selector switches used in the INSPIRE validation service. WCAG 4.1.2

Moderate and minor issues in robustness

  • The HTML code used on the website is not fully valid.
  •  The biggest shortcomings are incorrect names of data attributes and incorrect element hierarchies. WCAG 4.1.1

Plan on correcting the website

The aforementioned issues discovered at the website will be corrected as soon as possible, by 31/12/2023 at the latest.

Give feedback on accessibility

You can give feedback on the accessibility of the website or request material on the website in an accessible format using an online form or by sending a request by e-mail to

We will answer your request as soon as possible, but no later than within two weeks. In extensive requests related to accessibility, the National Land Survey has the right to extend the response time with two weeks. If you are not satisfied with our reply or have not received a reply within two weeks, you can send a notification to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (in Finnish).