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Theme rasters

The themes of the Topographic database and Topographic map raster series (scale 1:10,000) have been compiled into seven theme entities, theme rasters, required by the Inspire directive: hydrography, elevation, traffic network, land use, land cover, place names and buildings. In addition to the above, the theme rasters also include the municipal division, road names and map sheet division as separate themes.

The theme rasters have not been implemented according to the imaging technology defined in the Inspire directive. They will be produced later.

The product belongs to the open data of the National Land Survey of Finland.


The theme rasters are applicable to be used in base maps for planning land use or for excursion and outdoor recreational purposes in mobile devices and in various Internet services.

The background of the theme rasters is opaque so that they can be stacked one on the other and in this way desired map entities can be created.

Geographic location
Entire Finland
Reference system
ETRS89 / TM35FIN(E,N) (EPSG:3067)
N60 height (EPSG:5717)
Pixel size
2 m
Spatial representation
Portrayal catalogue citation

Definition of symbols in scale 1:20 000

Data content


The theme Hydrography includes, for instance, the following features: standing water, watercourse, spring, water pit, rapids and shallows.


Features in the theme Elevation are, for instance, contour line, altitude of water surface, escarpment, slope and declination line.

Traffic network

The theme Traffic networks describes, for instance, airfield runways, other airfield areas, roads and motor traffic areas, railways, ferries, small ferries, shipping channels and boating routes.

Land use

The theme Land use includes, for instance, the following features: cultivated land, park, forest land vegetation and other open space.

Land cover

The theme Land cover describes ground surface materials and extraction areas. Features are, for instance, mineral resources extraction area, rock, sand, rocky area, various swamps and boulders in water.

Place names

The theme Place names includes the names that have been chosen from the National Land Survey's index of geographical names to Basic map raster: terrain names, settlement names and names of individual features.


The theme Buildings includes a large number of buildings that have been classified according to purpose and number of floors, e.g. industrial building, 1–2 floors; residential building, 3–n floors; and religious building.

Municipal division

Products in raster format include municipal boundaries only.

Road names

Road names is a raster product that covers the whole of Finland and includes the road and street names in the road network of the Topographic database.

Map sheet division

TM35 map-sheet division.


Continuous. The road network and geographic names are updated continuously, the administrative borders and the buildings yearly. The yearly updating data for the administrative borders are obtained from the material Municipal Division. Other features are updated one map sheet at a time in connection with the updating process of the Topographic database every 5–10 years.

Updating of the Topographic database (in Finnish):


The Topographic database is used as source data for the theme rasters.

The updating frequency varies depending on the feature (see Maintenance)

Responsible party

National Land Survey of Finland

Conditions applying to access and use
Mention the name of the Licensor (the National Land Survey of Finland), the name of the dataset(s) and the time when the National Land Survey has delivered the dataset(s) (e.g.: contains data from the National Land Survey of Finland Topographic Database 06/2014).
Distribution format
Distribution channels
Further information

Not intended for navigational use. The Finnish Transport Agency has not checked the information in this product and is not responsible for its correctness or amendments made to the product.

Not based on a decree