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Research Foundations

FGI research covers the whole geospatial data acquisition, modelling, processing and analysis value chain ranging from high science basic research to commercial technology demonstrations. More and more interest is in excellent research infrastructures, data libraries, calibration sites and high value time series. The Research Foundations are the roots of our strategy tree. No excellent applications are made without high quality basic research. Our research infrastructures form a basis for areas where we want to develop our own applications, but also want to support the whole scientific communi-ty. The core is Metsähovi fundamental geodetic base station that is tied to global net-work of base stations. These stations form the basis of coordinate systems on Earth and space and also make possible precise positioning using navigation satellites.

The FGI’s competence area Research Foundations are composed of following topics:

  • Metsähovi Geodetic Base station
  • National reference systems and coordinate transformations
  • The Finnish Research Council’s research infrastructures (Scan4est, HYDRO-RI, Geoportti RI, FIN-EPOS, E2S)
  • UAV- research site in Pyhtää
  • Aerial photo calibration field
  • Autonomous Research Vehicle Observatory and autonomous big data
  • Laser scanning test field
  • Bi-directional reflectance data base
  • Point cloud time series and processing tools
  • Satellite positioning software receiver
  • Geovisualisation laboratory for human user testing