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Environment Perception

Our climate and environment are under change. We need to monitor this change in real-time and gather more information on how to adapt to the changes and how to minimize the negative effects. We provide information of two major phenomena touching our everyday life: Climate change and adaptation (IPCC-panel) and loss of Biodiversity and methods to minimize the effects (IBPES -panel). Our research provides novel technologies and innovations for monitoring environmental change. We contribute to digitalization of forestry and agriculture, providing not only solutions to climate change adaptation, biodiversity loss and nature restoration, but also help for the competitiveness of Finnish industry. Smart methods provide ways to take care of our nature without compromising our economy. 

The FGI’s competence area Environmet Perception is composed of following topics:

  • Climate Change monitoring and adaptation (IPCC)
  • Biodiversity loss (IBPES)
  • Post glacial land uplift
  • Gravity change
  • Digitalization of forestry and agriculture
  • Mobile mapping of environment
  • Geodynamics
  • Environmental and topographical mapping and change detection
  • Nature protection area monitoring / mapping
  • Cadaster
  • Refinement and communication of environmental data