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Advanced processing services in a network-based SDI

The aim of the project is to do research and development on advanced geodata-related processing services in a networked environment. The final goal would be an easy-to-use mechanism for connecting geospatial content services into specialised, use-case specific analysis and processing services. The project consists of the following main tasks: 1) to develop schema transformation service as a tool for data integration, 2) to investigate the feasibility of a standards-compliant implementation of coordinate reference system transformation, 3) to carry out research on methodologies for service chaining and to test their adaptability for creating and maintaining geospatial service frameworks, 4) to test and develop geospatial service interfaces in relation to the service chaining 5) to investigate the feasibility of Grid computing as a mechanism for increasing the performance of geospatial processing services 6) to perform research on the adaptability of Semantic Web technologies as a means for supporting the discovery and correct interpretation of geospatial datasets. The results of the project can be exploited in the further development of the Finnish network services-based SDI. The project specifically supports the development of advanced geospatial services as a part of the European service infrastructure for environmental information.

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