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AIRING – Aviation Resilience to GNSS Frequency Jamming and Cyber Threats

The project addresses resilience of aviation operations to GNSS frequency jamming and cyber (i.e. spoofing or meaconing attacks done via a GNSS signal generator) threats. The project shall assess the threats on GNSS signals and resulting risks for civilian flights. It shall develop possible monitoring techniques to detect and localise threats. The project shall also assess possible technical and operational mitigation techniques to reduce the impact of such threats on the aviation operations. The project shall develop a framework and methodology for testing of detection and mitigation means identified and conduct some live testing and demonstrations of such techniques. Finally, the project shall develop a set of recommendations to increase resilience of aviation operations to GNSS signal disruptions targeting each of the relevant stakeholders (GNSS equipment manufacturers, aircraft  manufacturers, operators, flight crews, ANSPs units, national and EU safety and frequency regulators). The project shall also consider whether the proposed strategies are applicable to other non-aviation domains.

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