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Geospatial Datasets in the National Data Exchange Layer

The project investigates the special requirements that geospatial data set for the National Data Exchange Layer (NDEL) development. The project will test the technologies used in the NDEL and its functionality in the context of geospatial data resources by a pilot service implementation. First a use case analysis will be carried out. Based on this, the planning of the pilot can be started. The pilot development involves initial establishment of the connection with the NDEL platform, and development of the necessary adapter services, data integration solution and the end user application. Based on the experiences gained in the pilot development, the project will draft guidelines for joining of INSPIRE-compliant spatial data services with the NDEL, and bring these guidelines as drafts into the publication process of the National Recommendations for Public Administration (JHS). On the basis of all the lessons learnt, the project will finally identify new services and user applications that become feasible after the introduction of the NDEL. The vision of the project is that existing INSPIRE-compliant geodata services could be connected without modifications to the NDEL, which just opens a new access point to the these services. The solution developed in the project opens  a simple way to making the geodata services developed in the INSPIRE process accessible through the NDEL, thus offering a significant positive impact for the deployment of the NDEL in Finland.

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National Data Exchange Layer
geospatial services
data security
Geoinformatics and Cartography
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Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
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Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finnish Environment Institute, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Finnish Forest Research Institute, National Land Survey of Finland, Geological Survey of Finland