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Geospatial Technologies and Infrastructures

The research group applies modern geospatial technologies widely in various research problems. Important theme areas include interoperable spatial data infrastructures and data spaces, geodata modelling, geospatial standards-based APIs, network services and browser-based applications. The group focuses specifically on open solutions - open standards, open data and open source software.

Essential research topics include interoperability of geospatial data and network services, harmonisation, efficient transformation, analysis and processing  of geospatial data, use of cloud service platforms and technologies, and development of versatile standards-based service interfaces and APIs. At European level the research group participates in the harmonisation of network services and geospatial data sets of national mapping agencies and in the development of geospatial services for national and European research infrastructures. Furthermore, the group develops interoperable standards-based methods and solutions for integration of geospatial data with other data sources, for instance statistical data.

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