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A competence center of the water sector for boreal and subarctic river and lake environments is needed. It will facilitate solving environmental issues (e.g. erosion, flooding, water quality) of these fragile environments. We will develop a HYDRO-RI-Platform including a pool of unique instruments for hydrological, hydraulic, morphodynamic and water quality measurements, with a variety of autonomous under- and above-water sensor platforms, a mobile field laboratory facility, and a data sharing platform to study essential scientific questions in present and future hydrology. The new research infrastructure with high-accuracy and -frequency data sets, and their efficient/real-time and open sharing, enable world-leading research, training new generations of scientists, and new services and business solutions within the water sector. These enable sustainable water resources management, decision-making, efficient knowledge transfer and future environmental assessment.

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water resources
water quality
hydraulic modelling
water system
catchment area
flow measurement
close-range remote sensing
sensor technology
ground water
watershed modelling
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Academy of Finland
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University of Turku
University of Oulu
Finnish Environment Institute
Aalto University