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Hydrography and identifiers (HY-ID)

Four main research questions of the project:

  1. What kind of INSPIRE-identification system would be the best for Finland and how this system could be used to support the development of the data products in the HY theme? As part of the task the research group participates in the development of the national recommendations on the use of unique identifiers in the Finnish SDI.
  2. What kind of INSPIRE hydroId system should be created in Finland, what kind of hierarchy it should be based on, who should manage it and how the system could be consistently extended to cover data sets maintained by various different organisations? It should be also clarified, how the identification system would work across different scale levels.
  3. How the consistency of data sets in the HY theme could be ensured, when different organisations maintain data related to the same feature, what kind of methods there are, or can be developed, to deliver data updates across data management system and organisational borders?
  4. How the INSPIRE HY-services could be developed in Finland, how the replication of data to the centralised service database could be best organised, what kind of restrictions there are for real-time content integration and transformation in respect of the requirements of the INSPIRE schema?
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NLS, Finnish Environment Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry