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INCUBATE - Indoor navigations from cubesat technology

LEO small satellites are cost-effective which will make it possible to provide PNT services to new user groups that cannot be reached by traditional GNSS services, while creating new types of commercial opportunities. Technology related to small satellites enable creating new business models when development is done together with companies. INCUBATE -project aims to enhance these types of activities. We intend to investigate how PNT (positioning, navigation, and timing) operations based on LEO satellites can be used in indoor environment. In addition, and partly together with companies, we will explore the commercial potential and prospective revenue streams generated by the solution. The satellite signal and its reception has to be optimized for us to be able to determine a sufficient performance of satellite signal for accurate PNT indoor service. In addition, we are developing the utilization of existing small satellites and designing a new satellite, FinnPNTSat, for positioning. We are also developing a new payload, i.e. equipment and software carried by the satellite.

In this research we utilize mathematics, analytics and simulation, as well as the processing of real satellite signals. The practical signal processing is facilitated by the fact that two project partners are involved in a project that is already planning a small KvarkenSat satellite, for a slightly different purpose, and its future launch in 2022.

The goal of INCUBATE

  1. improve the utilization of existing LEO satellites and expand their commercial use
  2. to design a new small satellite FinnPNTSat
  3. optimize the payload of current and future LEO satellites
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Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation
Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation
Project partners
Unversity of Vaasa
Aalto University
Tampere University