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Long-range active hyperspectral laser scanning (HSLidar)

The hyperspectral lidar (HSL) technology developed at the FGI produces non-contact spectral information in 3D. Because it is an active sensor, measurements are possible even in night time and in degraded visual environment. The potential of this technology in defense applications has been shown to be significant, as it enables, e.g., separation between artificial (camouflage) field targets and vegetation by the use of both 3D target recognition and spectral indices. In this project, a long-range active target identification is being developed by studying the effect of different optical solutions to improve the signal from targets at ranges of 50-100m and beyond.

We aim at producing a solution and a recommendation for future development of the instrument for long-range target detection. Increasing the range of these measurements will improve the efficiency of the technology in defense applications.

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