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FGI Reports


Lehtinen, K., Prusti, T., Lammers, U., de Bruijne, J., Manara, C., Ness, J.-U., Siddiqui, H., Markkanen, T., Poutanen, M. and K. Muinonen, 2017. Astrometric measurements from digitized Carte du Ciel plates. FGI Reports 2017:1, 31 p.


The FGI Reports series will continue as FGI Reports – Reports of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute.


2013:1 Zubko, N. and M. Poutanen (eds.), Proceedings of the 21st Meeting of the European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astronomy. Reports of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, 268 p.


2011:1 Marila, S. and E. Honkavaara: Peltolohkorekisterin tarkkuustutkimus, EU-laadunvalvonta ja peltolohkorekisterin tarkkuuteen vaikuttavista tekijöistä. 35 sivua (in Finnish).


2006:1 Takalo, M., Kuznetsov, Y., Lehmuskoski, P., Kaftan, V., Mäkinen, J., Bikova, E., Demianov, G., Habarov, V., Poutanen, Yuskevich, A. and V. Zabnev: Connection of the Russian and Finnish Levelling Networks. 40 pages.


2004:1 Takalo, M., Rouhiainen, P., Jokela, J., Ruotsalainen, H. and J. Ahola: Geodetic measurements at the Pasmajärvi and Nuottavaara faults. 49 pages.


2001:1 Bilker M. and Kaartinen, H. : The Quality of Real-Time Kinematic

(RTK) GPS Positioning. 25 pages.


2000:1 Bogdanov, V.I., Medvedev, M. YU., Solodov, V.A., Trapeznikov, YU. A., Troshkov, G.A. and Trubitsina, A.A.: Mean Monthly Series of Sea Level Observations (1777-1993) at the Kronstadt Gauge. 34 pages.

2000:2 Oksanen, J. and Jaakkola, O.: Interpolation and Accuracy of Contour-based Raster DEMs. 32 pages.


99:1 Honkavaara, E., Kaartinen, H., Kuittinen, R., Huttunen, A. and Jaakkola, J.: Quality of FLPIS orthophotos. 33 pages.

99:2 Kaartinen, H., Huttunen, A., Kuittinen, R., Honkavaara, E., and Jaakkola, J.: Quality of FLPIS Land Parcel Digitization. 26 pages.

99:3 Jokela, J., Petrokevicius, P., and Tulevicius, V.: Kyvikes Calibration Baseline. 15 pages.

99:4 Poutanen, M. and Kakkuri, J., (Eds.): Final results of the Baltic Sea Level 1997 GPS campaign. Research works of the SSC 8.1 of the International Association of Geodesy. 182 pages.

99:5 Honkavaara, E., Bilker, M., Yu, X., Jaakkola, J., Kaartinen, H., Ylönen, J.: Orientation of Optical Airborne and Spaceborne Images for Small and Medium Scale Mapping Purposes. 57 pages.

99:6 Kilpeläinen, T. (Ed.): Map Generalisation in the Nordic Countries. 58 pages.

99:7 Takalo, M.: Verification of Automated Calibration of Precise Levelling Rods in Finland. 36 pages.

99:8 Matikainen, L., Grandell, J., Kuittinen, R., Vepsäläinen, J.: Snowmelt Monitoring Using Multisource Satellite Image and Ground Measurement Data. 46 pages.


98:1 Matikainen, L., Karjalainen M.,Kuittinen R.: SAR images and ancillary data in crop species interpretation. 47 pages. 

98:2 Kuittinen, R., Ahokas, E., Granqvist, M., Ikäheimo, E., Heikinheimo, M., Venäläinen, A., Jänne, S., Keskisarja, V., Parmes, E.: An early crop yield estimation method for Finnish conditions: the crop growth monitoring system of the joint research centre with and without remotely sensed and other additional input data. 118 pages.

98:3 Sildvee, H.: Gravity measurements of Estonia. 8 pages.

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97:3 Takalo, M.: Automated calibration of precise levelling rods in Finland. 14 pages.

97:4 Virtanen, H., Kääriäinen, J.: The GWR T020 superconducting gravimeter 1994 - 1996 at. the Metsähovi station, Finland. 26 pages.

97:5 Vermeer, M., Li, J., Guo, C.: Geoid determination by FFT techniques in the Western China test area. 15 pages.


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96:5 Lehmuskoski, P.: Active fault line search in Southern and Central Finland with precise levellings. 16 pages.


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95:3 Kemppainen H.: On the formalization of the semantics of spatial objects. 99 pages.

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95:5 Vermeer, M.: Two new geoids determined at the FGI. 24 pages.

95:6 Poutanen, M., M. Ollikainen: GPS measurements at the Nuottavaara post glacial fault. 24 pages.

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94:1 Vermeer, M.: A fast delivery GPS-gravimetric geoid for Estonia. 7 pages, 1 map.

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94:3 Jokela, J., M. Poutanen, R. Konttinen: The program for the 1993 adjustment of the Finnish First-Order Terrestrial Triangulation. 23 pages.

94:4 Jaakkola, O.: Finnish CORINE land cover - A feasibility study of automatic generalization and data quality assessment. 42 pages.

94:5 Bogdanov, V.I., M.Yu. Medvedev, K.A. Taybatorov: On the persistence of the oceanic background of apparent sea level changes in the Baltic Sea. 21 pages.


93:1 Xiaowei, Y, R. Kuittinen: The radiometric errors of preprocessed Landsat TM images and their effect on the accuracy of numerical interpretation. 47 pages.

93:2 Randjärv, J.: Vertical movements of the Earth's crust in the Baltic region. 33 pages.

93:3 Kukums, K.: Latvian geoid determination with mass point frequency domain inversion. 16 pages.

93:4 Kuittinen, R., J. Laaksonen: The effect of the spatial resolution of the satellite image on the object interpretation accuracy. 40 pages.

93:5 Hoegholen, A.: Kinematic GPS in aerotriangulation in Finland. 13 pages.

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93:7 Lehmuskoski, P., P. Rouhiainen: The behaviour of the Wild N3 levelling instrument under varying temperature conditions. 24 pages.


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92:2 Kiviniemi, A., R. Konttinen, A. Kuivamäki, M. Takalo, P. Vuorela: Geodetic observations on the Pasmajärvi postglacial fault. 18 pages.

92:3 Chen, R.: Processing of the 1991 GPS campaigns in central Finland for crustal deformation studies. 16 pages.


91:1 Chen, R.: On the horizontal crustal deformations in Finland. 98 pages.

91:2 Kadir, Abd.. Majid A.: Gravity field mapping over the Southeast Asian region using spaceborne gravimetry techniques. 75 pages.

91:3 Laurema, M., O. Jaakkola, T. Sarjakoski, L. Schylberg: Formalization of cartographic knowledge using an expert system shell. 49 pages.

91:4 Hakkarainen, J.: The use of MTF as a criterion of image quality. 18 pages.


90:1 Vermeer, M.: FGI studies on satellite gravity gradiometry. 2. Geopotential recovery at 0.5-degree resolution from global satellite gradiometry data sets. 26 pages.

90:2 Tscherning, C.C., R. Forsberg, M. Vermeer: Methods for regional gravity field modelling from SST and SGG data. 17 pages.

90:3 Hoegholen, A., J. Jaakkola: The influence of temperature variations on the photo coordinates in an analytical plotter. 38 pages.


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89:2 Jaakkola, J., O. Jaakkola, K. Makkonen, T. Sarjakoski: Satelliittikuvista karttatuotteeksi -esitutkimus kartoituksen asiantuntijajärjestelmän kehittämiseksi. 146 sivua. (in Finnish).

89:3 Vermeer, M.: FGI studies on satellite gravity gradiometry. 1. Experiments with a 5-degree buried masses grid representation. 26 pages.


88:1 Konttinen, R.: Baseline multiplication using the Kern Mekometer ME 3000. 10 pages.

88:2 Jaks, W., P. Fraczyk, K. Zeller, M. Ollikainen, T. Parm: Results of the Finnish - Polish Doppler Observation Campaign (FINPOLDOC). 11 pages.

88:3 Chen, R.: Plate tectonics at the joint of Pamirs and Tien-Shan in Central Asia. 14 pages.

88:4 Pisarenko, V., N. Rechitskaya, J. Kakkuri: The dependence of gradients of modern movements of the Earth crust on space scale in Finland. 7 pages.

88:5 Räty, J., J. Hakkarainen: Quality testing of system cameras. 16 pages.


87:1 Czobor, A, J. Adam, SZ. Mihaly, T. Parm, M. Ollikainen: Results of the Finnish-Hungarian Doppler Observation Campaign (FHDOC). 21 pages.

87:2 Grafarend, E.W., H. Kremers, J. Kakkuri, M. Vermeer: Modelling vertical refraction in the SW Finland Triangular Network TAGNET 3-D adjustment. 15 pages.

87:3 Hein, G.W., H. Landau, J. Kakkuri, M. Vermeer: Integrated 3D-adjustment of the SW Finland Test Net with the FAF Munich OPERA 2.3 software. 35 pages.

87:4 Ollikainen, M.: Astro--geodetic deflections of the vertical at first-order triangulation stations. 15 pages.


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85:2 Takalo, M.: Horizontal -- vertical laser rod comparator. 14 pages.

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84:3 Vermeer, M.: Geoid studies on Finland and the Baltic. 30 pages.


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83:2 Vermeer, M.: Chronometric levelling. 7 pages.

83:3 Hakkarainen, J.: Radial and tangential distortion of aerial cameras. 47 pages.

83:4 Vermeer, M.: A new SEASAT altimetric geoid for the Baltic. 10 pages.


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(distributed at the XVI General Assembly of the IUGG in Grenoble 1975).

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