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The requirements of future geoid models for gravity data (GeoVaPaa)

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Satellite positioning is an essential part of modern society, and it is needed day-and-night. Therefore, the systems, that produce geospatial and positioning data, need to be as accurate as possible. The national geoid model has an important role in positioning, since elevations are transformed into heights in the national height system with the help of a geoid model. The accuracy of satellite positioning is constantly getting better and correspondingly the accuracy of the geoid model should be improved. The accuracy of the geoid model is in a crucial role when defining the future height reference system. 

The GeoVaPaa project investigates how the resolution and accuracy of the gravity data effect the accuracy of the geoid model in Finland and whether the current gravity data fulfils the resolution and accuracy requirements for future geoid models. In addition, the objective is that at the end of the project, we can give recommendations on how the geoid model accuracy required by the future height system and applications of satellite positioning could be reached.  

The GeoVaPaa project is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland