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GNSS and Metsähovi

The GNSS stations at Metsähovi has been part of the international GNSS networks already since the early 1990's. They are also a fundamental part of the Finnish reference station network, FinnRef, that forms the first order of the national ETRS89 realisation (EUREF-FIN).

METS stations has been established in 1992 and its long data history with only a few equipment changes has made it very valuable for the reference frame realisations. MET3 is a modern GNSS station established in 2013 tracking signals of all satellite systems. The setup at Metsähovi allows also operating other receivers parallel to the official stations. At the moment we have one receiver from JPL and one from Wuhan university operational. Additionally, the METG station locates at the DORIS station installed in co-operation with the French Space Agency CNES.

The online information of the stations are available at the webpages of the international networks:

MET3 asema
The antenna mast of the MET3 monument locates in front of the SLR building. Kuva: S. Lahtinen (2016)